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Sex differences in rats and mice

The group performs experiments for the determination of sex differences in rats and mice, especially from a pharmacological point of view. We have expertise in estrous cycle determination and hormonal manipulations. 


Pharmacological screening of new molecules

The Neuropsychopharmacology group performs pharmacological screening for new natural and synthesized molecules, as well as plant extracts. We have expertise in drug administration in rats and mice. Routes of administration include i.p., s.c., intracranial and others. 

Animal Models and behavioral tests

  • Forced swim test (test of antidepressant activity)
  • Chronic mild stress (depression model)
  • Restraint stress
  • 3xTg mice (Alzheimer's disease model)
  • Contextual and cue fear conditioning test (PanLab equipment)
  • Acoustic startle response (PanLab equipment)
  • Activity and exploration tests (Med Associates activity boxes)
  • Home cage activity equipment (made in-house)
  • Light-dark paradigm (anxiety test, Med Associates boxes)
  • Holeboard (Med Associates boxes)
  • Elevated plus maze (anxiety test)
  • Ultrasonic vocalisations equipment (made in-house)
  • Hot-plate (pain test)
  • Novel object recognition test (learning/memory test)
  • Enrichment housing cages
  • Passive and active avoidance tests
  • Rotarod
  • Social interaction test
  • Burying test