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Workshop organisation

The group organizes interactive workshops on Psychopharmacology for the industry and the academia. These include:

  • "Workshop on addiction for high-school students" Athens Science Festival 2019
  • "Professional Development Workshop: How to thrive as a Woman in Neuroscience", Society for Neuroscience meeting/SfN, Chicago, USA 2019
  • "Science Communication" at the IMPRS-TP Retreat of the Max Planck Institute of Translational Psychiatry students in Austria, 2019
  • Local organizer of the "European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Preclinical Workshop" Athens, February, 2019
  • "Antidepressants", Winter Neuropsychiatric seminar, November 2016, Pilio, Greece
  • "Psychopharmacology", 2nd World Congress of Early Carrier Psychiatrist’s, October 2016, Athens, Greece
  • "Antipsychotics", June 2016, Summer Neuropsychiatric seminar, Kalamata, Greece
  • "Psychotropic drug use in pregnancy" Spring Neuropsychiatric seminar, March 2016, Karpenisi, Greece
  • "Antipsychotics", Janssen-Cilag  Academy, November 2015, Athens, Greece
  • "Anxiolytics and antidepressants", Young Psychiatrist's meeting, October 2015, Porto Heli, Greece
  • "Psychotropic use in Pregnancy, lactation and children", Young Psychiatrist's meeting, October 2015, Porto Heli, Greece
  • “Leadership skills in academic science” for Greek Women in Academia, May 2015, Medical School of Athens, Greece

Upcoming workshops will be announced at "News & Events