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Associate Professor Christina Dalla teaches Psychopharmacology at the third year students of the Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Also, she has participated in the Pharmacology courses for the Dentistry, Pharmacy and Nursery Schools. 

Neuroscience and Behavior

Associate Professor Christina Dalla and Dr. N. Kokras are teaching at the elective course "Neuroscience and Behavior” organised by the First Department of Psychiatry, Medical School, NKUA. 


Associate Professor Christina Dalla organises along with Prof. T. Paparrigopoulos the elective course for undergraduate medical students "Addiction". The course covers topics, such as addiction neurobiology and mechanisms, abuse of psychostimulants, psychedelics, opioids, alcohol abuse, nicotine abuse, cannabis abuse and medical use etc. It is taught by pharmacologists (including members of our group Assoc. Prof. K. Antoniou, Dr. N. Kokras, Dr. A. Polissidis), psychiatrists and toxicologists. The following book is distributed to the students: