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Newspaper article (in Greek)

The publication «The nucleus reuniens: a key node in the neurocircuitry of stress and depression.» was featured at the journal Vima Science. Read it here

ECNP 2017

 Christina Dalla gave a talk at ECNP 2017 in Paris. you can watch it online here

Brain Awareness

The Neuropsychopharmacology group participates in Brain awareness events sponsored by the Hellenic Neuroscience Society. Dr. Dalla is member of DANA alliance for the brain. For upcoming events please visit "News & Events".

National TV News Commentary (in Greek)

On March 4th, 2017, Dr. Christina Dalla appeared on national news (ANT1 TV channel) commenting on the psychotropic effects of amphetamine analogues.

Depression in life and art (in Greek)

Brain Awareness Week, 2016 at Megaron Plus

Watch the event online at

ΙBNS 2013 Symposium Speaker: Christina Dalla

Slide presentation to accompany this video is available on the IBNS website at:


The Gulbenkian Health Forum 2012 “”

Dedicated to the progress and evolution in scientific research on the brain and its functioning, the 2012 Health Forum, held over two consecutive days, consisted of a range of conferences and debates, bringing national and international neuroscience specialists to the Foundation. More information at the Galouste Gulbekian Institute

Event Logo

Men and Women: a research approach (in Greek)

Dr. Dalla's presentation at the Eugenides Foundation on 31 March 2012