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6th HSfN virtual seminar

Dr. C. Dalla presented the importance of studying sex and gender in Neuropsychopharmacology in the 6th HSfN virtual seminar. You can find the presentation and discussion here.

Greek Pharmaceutical Students' Federation - GPSF

Dr. C. Dalla gave a detailed presentation on Sex differences of the brain between males and females. The presentation was part of a webinar, organised by the Greek Pharmaceutical Students' Federation.

34th ECNP Congress

Dr. C. Dalla will be speaking on "Sex differences in neuropsychopharmacology of depression: effects of stress and neuroestrogens" at the 34th ECNP Congress. Here you can find her interview by ECNP Press Officer, Tom Parkhill.

Podcast - GiatiOxi?

Dr. C. Dalla discussed the intrinsic differences between the female and  male brains. Please find the podcast here.

Women Οn Τop and Public Health - Crisis Med Master's Programme

Dr. C. Dalla was part of the discussion panel regarding the role of women scientists on academic community, organized by Women On Top in collaboration with the Public Health - Crisis Med Master's Programme. Please find the video of the event and discussion here.

WOMENTORS - Active Citizens Fund

Dr. C. Dalla gave a personal narration of her educational and academic choices. This interview was orginised by Bodossaki Foundation in consortium with SolidarityNow. The program aims to strengthen and enhance the sustainability of civil society and to highlight its role in promoting democratic processes, enhancing citizen participation in the community and defending human rights. You can listen to this interview here.

PharmaTalkGR Podcast

Dr. C. Dalla was part of the PharmaTalkGR Podcast and discussed regarding neuropsychopharmacology and sex differences in pharmacology. You can find the podcast here

European Animal Research Association

Dr. C. Dalla was part of the #TransparencyThursday organised by the European Animal Research Association and shared her work on depression and anxiety in rats. Please find the video here.

National Television Program (in Greek)

Dr. C. Dalla gave an interview on ERT2 for her life and academic carrier. Please find the interview here

1st Interdisciplinary Conference - I Care for my brain

Dr. C. Dalla gave a detailed presentation on basic principles of neuroplasticity.

How Mentors Can Promote Women in Science, SfN 2019

Dr. C. Dalla was a speaker in the "How to Thrive as Women in Neuroscience" panel at Neuroscience 2019, SfN. Please find the video of speakers' focus on how having a mentor can help women to pursue successful neuroscience careers here.

Podcast on Estrogens and Monoamines

Dr. C. Dalla was part of a podcast, organised by Pharmababble, and discussed with fellow Pharmacists about the influences and importance of Estrogens and Monoamines in Pharmacology and Disease treatments. Listen to the podcast here.

33rd ECNP Congress Virtual 2020

Dr. C. Dalla was one of the speakers in the 33rd ECNP Congress Virtual 2020. Please find below Dr. C. Dalla's presentation on "Biological aspects of sex differences in mental health and its treatment".

1st Interdisciplinary Conference - Brain and Mind 2020

Dr. C. Dalla gave a detailed presentation on sex differences between male and female brain structure, function and dysfunction. 

Gender-dependent drug and vaccine administration against COVID-19 (in Greek)

Dr. C. Dalla gave an interview in a Greek Newspaper, aiming to raise the issue of how important is to consider gender differences in drug and vaccine administration for all diseases and especially for COVID-19. Please find the article and Dr. C. Dalla's interview here.

Article on daily health challenges (in Greek)

Dr. C. Dalla gave an interesting interview on how important is the early and accurate detection and prevention of  neurological and psychiatric disorders. Read the article on daily health challenges and Dr. C. Dalla's interview here

Interview in Nature Biotechnology

Dr. C. Dalla's interview was included in an article at Nature Biotechnology regarding drug discovery. Dr. C. Dalla raises the issue of how important is to consider sex as a biological variable in drug research. Read the Nature Biotechnology article here.

7th Panhellenic Interdisciplinary Medical Conferees

Dr. C. Dalla presented "The role of sex in Psychopharmacology" in the 7th Panhellenic Interdisciplinary Medical Conferees

Launching of the Hellenic Brain Council

Dr. C. Dalla presented the Launching of the Hellenic Brain Council in the 6th National Brain Council Academy meeting. You can view the Launching of the Hellenic Brain Council by Dr. C. Dalla and main topics from the meeting here.

FENS Virtual Forum of Neuroscience

Professor Christina Dalla, Dr Debra Bangasser and Professor Mohammed Milad gave a press conference in this FENS Virtual Forum and spoke regarding the impacts of the inequitable use of female animals on their research areas. You can find an article and overview of this press conference here and a video of her interview here

Society of Neuroscience (SfN)

Dr. C. Dalla was one of the main speakers in the How to Thrive as a Woman in Neuroscience workshop organised by the Society of Neuroscience, in Washington, DC, 2019. Women scientists shared their opinions and insight on How Mentors Can Promote Women in Science and reflected on How to Overcome Professional Challenges

Voices of Women in Neuroscience

Dr. C. Dalla wrote an article in Journal of Neuroscience Research regarding women in neuroscience. You can find the article here.

National Radio Program (in Greek)

Dr. C. Dalla was on National radio and discussed several topics regarding "Addiction". You can listen the discussion here.

Tübingen Symposium

Dr. C. Dalla was an invited speaker at the Mystery of the Brain: Science Ultimate Frontier, a Symposium in honor of Prof. N. K. Logothetis, in Tubingen, Germany, 2019. Here you can find the interview of all the invited speakers and here her talk on: “Sex differences in neuropsychopharmacology: the antidepressant paradigm”. 

Newspaper article (in Greek)

Dr. Christina Dalla gave an interview at the magazine “Elle” (in Greek) in March 2019.

You can find it here.

For Women in Science

Dr. Christina Dalla participated at the event “For Women In Sciences”, organized by L’Oreal-Unesco in Athens, September 2018. The event included a talk, a portrait/photo exhibition and an interview.

Women in Science

Dr. Christina Dalla gave an interview at for Women in Science

Brain Awareness

Dr. Dalla participated in two events for the public regarding Brain Awareness at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in 2018 and 2019. You can find more here and see the video here.

Neuroscience of Creativity

Dr. Dalla chaired the event “Neuroscience of Creativity” at the Athens Science Festival 2019

Neuroscience Advocacy Meeting

Dr. Dalla coordinated the Neuroscience Advocacy Meeting, on behalf of the Hellenic Society for Neuroscience, at Pasteur Institute in Athens in June 2018, funded by IBRO-FENS.

Dr. Christina Dalla gave an interview at Cretalive regarding brain research. You can find the article here.

Newspaper article (in Greek)

Dr. Dalla participated in a magazine interview on Cannabis Medical use. You can find it here.

6th Obrela scientific meeting

Dr. Dr. Christina Dalla gave a talk on “Sex differences in Psychopharmacology” at Kalamata in June 2019 at the 6th Obrela scientific meeting. You can watch it online here.

Newspaper article (in Greek)

The publication «The nucleus reuniens: a key node in the neurocircuitry of stress and depression.» was featured at the journal Vima Science. Read it here

ECNP 2017

 Christina Dalla gave a talk at ECNP 2017 in Paris. you can watch it online here

Brain Awareness

The Neuropsychopharmacology group participates in Brain awareness events sponsored by the Hellenic Neuroscience Society. Dr. Dalla is member of DANA alliance for the brain. For upcoming events please visit "News & Events".

National TV News Commentary (in Greek)

On March 4th, 2017, Dr. Christina Dalla appeared on national news (ANT1 TV channel) commenting on the psychotropic effects of amphetamine analogues.

Depression in life and art (in Greek)

Brain Awareness Week, 2016 at Megaron Plus

Watch the event online at

ΙBNS 2013 Symposium Speaker: Christina Dalla

Slide presentation to accompany this video is available on the IBNS website at:


The Gulbenkian Health Forum 2012 “”

Dedicated to the progress and evolution in scientific research on the brain and its functioning, the 2012 Health Forum, held over two consecutive days, consisted of a range of conferences and debates, bringing national and international neuroscience specialists to the Foundation. More information at the Galouste Gulbekian Institute

Event Logo

Men and Women: a research approach (in Greek)

Dr. Dalla's presentation at the Eugenides Foundation on 31 March 2012